Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Flu

Last Thursday evening I went to Zumba, came home, fixed dinner, watched Grey's Anatomy---Izzy and Alex got MARRIED!!! YAY!! I went to bed at 10PM. I thought it was awful cold in here but Mark was comfortable. Within 30minutes I was shaking uncontrollably, had 3 blankets piled on me, hmm...might be running a fever, yep 103. Take Tylenol, nothing. 2 hours later take Ibuprofen, nothing. I have to get up the next morning at 7am with absolutely no sleep, still running a fever. Daycare kids get here, give 'em cereal, can't hardly move or function anymore so I called the doc. After a long Dr's appt I find out I have the flu, type A. So after 2 nasal swabs I'm sent home with instructions to stay home, no visitors at all, for 7 days. They also sent a nasal swab to the state lab to check for h1n1, haven't heard anything so I guess it was negative. Today I'm finally feeling like I'm back on Earth again. I"m telling ya, it was a miserable week, I WILL get a flu shot this year. I've got a lingering cough and still get fatigued easily but everything I read online says that's pretty normal.

Now, I'm playing catch up with the house work, Mark doesn't do anything when I'm sick, so today I'd finally had enough and we argued. Now he's in bed, I"m doing laundry. Guess that wasn't a really productive argument then, huh? Hope everyone out there in blog land is feeling good and flu-free!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Zumba! Zumba!

I just got home from my very first Zumba class! Actually it was my very first exercise class of any kind. Surprisingly, I liked it. But I must confess, I'm so uncoordinated. I was always a move behind the instructor or I could get my feet to match hers and my hands would be doing their own thing. Oh well, the important thing is to keep moving, right? In early April I decided enough was enough and I was ready to drop a few pounds. I set a mini-goal of being down 15lbs by Marks and my 5th wedding anniversary, May 29th. So far down 9.5. So I've got a little more than 3 weeks to drop five and a half more pounds. I hope Zumba does the trick. My close friend, Vanessa, and I have been walking each evening and tonight we bit the bullet and zumbaed-or is it zummed, zumba'd--anyway, I'd like to make it a regular part of my exercise routine.