Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

2009 is quickly coming to an end and I'm very excited to ring in 2010. We had a little party here for all the day care kids--pizza, cupcakes, fireworks. It was a lot of fun and 4 of them are still here for a New Year's Eve slumber party. I expect they will all be out long before midnight. The way I'm feeling right now I'll probably be out before midnight.
My nephew, Zack, cut his foot on a piece of glass yesterday and had to get stitches. He's staying with us for it to heal up a bit and he can't walk on his foot for a couple days. He's too young for crutches or anything like that so I just carry him where he wants to be.
Well, this obligatory NYE post has no Earth-shattering revelations or realizations. I'm looking forward to 2010 because we will be bringing home our baby. I'm glad 2009 is over because it feels like a closure to trying to conceive.
On the baby note, B went to the Dr on Tuesday, heartbeat was 124 when babe was resting and 140 when they poked at him/her to move around. B has lost 2 lbs, but everything else looks good. Monday is the big ultrasound day!! She's 31w2d today.

Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

Yesterday the daycare kids and I made Gingerbread Houses. We were inspired by Chari over at Take Time To Smell The Rose. We took a few shortcuts though. For example, I didn't make and bake gingerbread, instead I bought graham crackers and cut them into shape. It was pretty easy; it takes 4 whole crackers for each mini house. 1 for each end---you cut the top to a point like little gables, then break the other 2 graham crackers in half--2 halves for the sides and 2 for the roof. Then we used royal icing to glue it all together. I'd never made royal icing before but it was so easy and inexpensive: 3 eggwhites, 1/2tsp cream of tartar, and 1 pound of powdered sugar. Easy peasy!

Since they were mini houses we used sturdy paper plates instead of covered cardboard. After letting them set a little it was time to decorate! We had green and red colored sugar, peppermint and spearmint candies, gummi fruit, blue sprinkles, multi-colored sprinkles. We just used what was on hand.

We all had a really good time. The kids were all very proud of their houses and enjoyed showing their parents. And of course, the finished houses! From top to bottom, left to right: Joshua's house-age 5, Isaac's house--age 4, Lindsay's house--age 10, my house, Zachary's house--age 4. This is very likely to become a tradition at our house.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's been a while

Things are going great on the adoption front. B had a Dr's appointment on Dec. 1 and then again on Dec. 15th. I didn't get to go to the one on the 15th because I had a horrible stomach virus. I tried to get up and go and just couldn't. Mark and my sister went and they called me when it was about time to hear the heartbeat and held up the cell phone. Best sound of my life! I cried a little. Good strong heartbeat at 138-142. They moved the due date back a little to March 2nd. The baby won't move for me. When I put my hand on her belly he/she stops moving. But my sister got to feel it move.
My friend Vanessa, my mom, and my sister-in-law threw me a baby shower on Dec. 5th. We thought if we had it early in Dec. we could avoid the snow, well, it snowed. So not many people came but it was very nice anyway. I got most everything I need and since there weren't many people there I called Mark to come over and some of then other men followed.
We got another big snow last night. Most people don't have power and it's looking like some may have no power til Christmas Day. We are the lucky ones, still have power, TV, phone, Internet. Well, I must go and get some more laundry done.