Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nursery Pics

B is 36 weeks today. We saw the new OB last Thursday and she loved him, we both did! He has given us an induction date of March 8th. Her due date is the 4th but she wants to try to make her 1 year mark at work so that she will get a week paid vacation. So if baby girl is ok with it she will be delivered the 8th. Here are some pics of the nursery.

This is the cradle we bought, it was our first baby purchase back in August.

Her dresser. This is an antique piece my mom had in storage and I restored it last September.

A picture of the room from the doorway.

The moses basket Mark bought for my shower. The lining is more of a mint green than it shows in the picture.

Her butterflies.

Car seat and stroller combo. Graco Quattro Travel System with SnugRide32 in Deco pattern.

Her bouncy seat.

This is the pack n' play in our bedroom with the bassinet on top. Right now it's the holding area for stuff to take to the hospital--our bag, baby's bag, and a gift for B. Oh, and Mark's cigars.

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